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Many consider Modafinil to be the “king” of nootropics, likening it to hardcore pharmaceuticals like Aderrall and Ritalin.

Here at Cylene Pharma, we believe that the best way to get started using these types of supplements(if you and your doctor have determined they are right for you in the first place) is by starting with ones that are relatively benign and less potent.

That is why we would recommend starting with something OTHER than Modafinil.

Its effects are intense and have been reported to cause abusive/addiction behavior in certain people.

Using something like Alpha Brain(shown right below) will be a smoother first experience for most people.

Also- this pill by “Onnit”(as their company name is spelled) is one of the most popular around right now.

alpha brain

Alpha Brain

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Alpha Brain is a nootropic sold by “Onnit”, which is a company run by Joe Rogan.

He himself swears by it but, of course, he is marketer for it so we can’t be sure if what he’s saying is sincere or not.

We will be putting out in depth reviews on this product very soon.

This formula contains many different ingredients, including choline and n-acetyl L-tyrosine, which is the same thing they put in 5 Hour Energy.

This is a great focus blend that is also assisted by B vitamins and a range of other substances that Onnit thought necessary to include.

It really is interesting to watch Mr. Rogan himself talk about all of these compounds in some of his promotional videos- you can tell he really knows what he’s talking about.

The majority of people that test out this supplement give positive reviews, so we thought we would dedicate a full page to reviewing it above.



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Pramiracetam is a very popular nootropic that has been around for a while.

Be sure to check out the Wiki page(above) in order to get more details on this supplement.



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Noopept is a pill that is under intense scrutiny from many, because its effects actually are real, but people are wondering whether or not it is actually safe.



Optimind is a blend of several different ingredients, including caffeine and n-Acetyl l-Tyrosine(which is a compound contained also within the popular product shown below- 5 hour energy).

It is being pushed hard by many different websites and is a relatively new release.

We are still waiting for more reviews before we officially release a page dedicated to this product, but it is definitely growing in popularity(although we are skeptical of its actual use).

Bonus Tip: 5 Hour Energy

If you want to get more info on 5 hour energy, you can check out my review here.